The Company History..

Joe Harding, Inc. was originally founded as Inter-State Supply Company in 1908 in Joplin, MO. On December 28, 1928, Joe Harding moved to Joplin and was hired as a mechanic for Inter-State Supply. In 1934, he left Inter-State Supply and founded his own office equipment store.

On D-Day, June 6, 1944, Joe Harding purchased the entire stock of Inter-State Supply Company and expanded the store to sell nearly every major line of commercial food service equipment. His employees totaled four. In order to better serve the customers, Inter-State Supply incorporated in 1947 to become Joe Harding, Inc., although retaining the Inter-State name.

On February 1, 1962, a move was made to 7th & Wall.

In January of 1970, Joe Harding retired from active service and left the management of the business to his two sons, Robert and Bill Harding.

In May of 2013 the business was purchased by Anna Sossamon and moved to 515 N. Rangeline Rd. in Joplin, MO. Anna’s years of management experience and the technicians many years of service experience have led to Joe Harding Sales & Service becoming the premier food service/restaurant suppliers in the 4 states. Joe Harding Sales & Service have 9 trained professionals who are eager to serve. The move to the new location has given us not only a face lift, but also an easier access for our customers. The move has also allowed us to have more of a residential focus as well.

Joe Harding Sales & Service has changed a lot over the years, but our personnel and policies are still the same. We’re forever striving to grow with your needs and the needs of an ever changing food service industry.